At least crippling back pain forces me to sit still long enough to finally write another blog post

On any other occasion, I probably would have been more excited about a snow day. However, I was actually excited about going back to work yesterday. I haven’t seen my Wednesday students since before the holiday, and after almost a month off, I feared that they would have forgotten everything we’ve gone over this year.

Apparently, the weight of 15+" makes awnings detach from houses.

The forecast called for about 6-8 inches of snow; barely half of what we got the day after Christmas, when we were genuinely snowed in and the house was slowly being crushed by the weight of of the weather. Now, that was a serious storm. Visibility was next to nothing, and major highways, which are constantly being treated so snow and ice will not stick, were indiscernible from the grass off the shoulder. So, in the grand scheme of things, yesterday’s snowfall wasn’t such a big deal.

The powers that be, though, decided that they couldn’t plow the driveway and parking lot to school in time, so we ended up with a snow day. I guess it wasn’t an entirely bad decision, given that it took a good three hours to dig ourselves out. There wasn’t that much snow, and it was relatively light and fluffy, but we have a long driveway. Between the Hubster and I, we eventually unsnowed ourselves out, and felt confident that things could finally return to normal today.

My back, however, had different plans. Although I’m fairly out of shape, I think I might have a chance of surviving a zombie attack. That said, I would not stand a chance if I were forced at gunpoint to dig ditches. I just don’t have occasion to shovel things all that often, and last night my back made it abundantly clear that it did not like the day’s activities. I expected to be sore, but usually after a day of hard labor, a good night’s sleep makes everything all better.

Not the case today, it seems. When I awoke this morning, I nearly fell out of bed. Just trying to sit up straight caused my lower back to seize up completely. Pain like I have never felt shot up and down my body. It’s the kind of pain that brings on nausea and makes one feel about 50 years older. I’m honestly surprised I could stand up.

Apparently, I was a bit overzealous in my snow shoveling, and my back is not happy about that. I’ve maxed out the dosage of ibuprofen and tried heating pads, but relief has been minimal. I’d try some yoga stretches, but I’m honestly afraid that once I get into a pose, I won’t be able to get back up. Propped up pillows have allowed me to sit up on the couch, but not for long. Perhaps a hot shower might help.

If I can find a comfy position that doesn’t cause pain to radiate throughout my body, I just might feel up to some knitting. I got a new stash of yarn that I’m just dying to use, but that’s another story for another time. neighborhood looks like Narnia.


Snow day!

So here we are at 7:05 in the morning.  Normally this is an unholy hour for me: waaaaaaay too early to be up and about.  But two things have awakened me: a hungry kitty cat and a ballet class.

Every other day of the week my work day begins at 3:00.  Because I teach piano lessons to kids, I can’t begin working until they get out of school.  I know, you’re thinking “Wow, that must be great to not have to work until 3:00 every day!”  I’d have to agree with you, except it does have its drawbacks. First of all, my work day doesn’t end until nearly 9:00 at night.  Secondly, being a piano teacher pays beans, so I have a second job during the day to pay the bills: playing for ballet classes a couple mornings each week.  This morning is one of those mornings.

Groggy and incoherent, I stumbled to my laptop this morning to check my email.  Then, I noticed something strange.  My local Facebook community was abuzz about a snow day.  What?

Each of my jobs has a weather hotline that can be called to find out if classes and lessons have been cancelled due to inclement weather.  My first instinct was to phone the music school’s hotline – silly, since I don’t have to be there until this afternoon.  Expecting the same standard message, I dialed the number.

This is why I never get my hopes up about snow days, and why I convince myself that I’ll have to drive through snow and ice and slush: because when I actually do get a snow day, I am pleasantly and genuinely surprised.

I have a snow day!!!  Eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Well…sort of.  You see, the ballet school has still not closed.  I think they pride themselves upon staying open when no one else does.  There is a major problem with this, and a problem with that problem.  First is that a decision is not usually made until after 8:00am.  The problem with that is that I have to start getting ready to go before 8:00am.  So, the question remains: do I wait it out and risk being late for the possibility of not having to go at all, or do I go ahead and hop in the shower, risking the loss of my comfy, half-sleepy state?

Edit (7:32am): Like any normal kid who doesn’t want to go to school, I’ve been calling the ballet school’s weather hotline every two minutes to see if anything has changed.  And yippee skippee, at 7:25am a new message was on the line!  That means…

SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!

Since I’m already up, I can’t exactly sleep in.  But at least I can relax by knowing I can spend the day in my jammies.

Here’s wishing you a snow day, wherever you may be.

Snow storm, my foot

It seems that there is a Winter Storm Warning in effect for my neighborhood tonight and tomorrow.  Winter Storm Warnings are always much more interesting than Winter Storm Watches because while a Watch tells you to do just that – “Watch out, a storm may or may not be coming!” – a Warning tells you that a storm is imminent.

My reaction: meh.  I’ll believe it when I see it.

The truth is that I live smack dab in the middle of No Snow Land.  Countless Watches and Warnings have been issued over the years, but few have came to fruition, thus dashing my hopes of a snow day to smithereens.  The meteorological conditions here are perfect for an unexpected burst of unseasonal warmth, diverting the snow storm at the last second so that some other lucky kid farther north gets a snow day.

Sometimes it seems like everyone is getting snow except me.  Take the last Winter Weather Event that hit our area: my neighbors not twenty minutes from me got about a half foot of snow.  Here in No Snow Land we got a couple hours of freezing rain (equally dangerous to drive in, if not more so, but definitely not as fun).  It seemed that the system decided to just leap-frog right over me.

Don’t ask me why I saved a screenshot of the local radar map that day. Whatever the reason, it comes in handy today to illustrate my point:

no snow for me

You can see why I take little credence in the empty promises of meteorologists.  I added some quickly-drawn snowflakes to emphasize the fact that it was snowing there, but not here.  I also illustrated me with tears streaming down my face and a blue bow in my hair, which is a pinkish-orangish hue because I couldn’t find my brown marker.

That’s right: I don’t have Photoshop or any cool software like that, so I printed out my map, drew on it, and scanned it back in.  I am ghetto-fabulous.

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