ASS 2010

Well, folks, here we are once again, on day six of Annoyingly Stubborn Sickness (ASS) 2010.  Almost like clockwork my annual knock-me-on-my-butt sickness has come back, albeit a month overdue.  What started off as a mild sniffle has exploded into a full-blown case of I Feel Like Crap.  And let me tell you, gentle readers: it sucks.

ASS 2010 seems to be significantly different from ASS 2009, and so I’m not quite sure how to handle it.  Previously encountered symptoms include stuffy head, sinus pressure, post-nasal drip and coughing up nastiness that shouldn’t be mentioned in polite company.  I am familiar with that level of discomfort, and at least have some idea of how to combat it (i.e., echinacea, Vicks VapoRub, long hot showers, bags upon bags of lozenges and a hot manservant to tend to my every need).

However, I’m also experiencing headaches and pain deep in my ears.  I know this is a direct result of the sinus pressure.  It’s not unrelated to my usual complaints, but it is something I don’t normally suffer, which should be some indication of how bad it’s getting.  If that wasn’t bad enough, I also have a runny nose, which seems to be an obvious contradiction to the stuffy head.  And I’m not talking about a wimpy little sniffle here.  I’m talking faucet-strength snot.  In the past three days I’ve gone through six boxes of tissues, resulting in an awful case of Raw Nose.  Puffs and Kleenex should sell me stock.  Or at least buy me aloe for my poor nose.

The good news is that the worst seems to be behind me, though not by much.  At least today the sinus pressure has been relieved to the point where it doesn’t feel like my brain is trying to escape through my ears.  I may just have the energy to do laundry today.  With any luck, I’ll be well enough by tonight to wake myself at O’Dark Thirty, throw a few changes of clothes into a suitcase, pile into the car and head South.  I’m sure my sinuses will understand that they need to be put on hold for a side of the family I haven’t seen in a year.


    2 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. Tasneem R
      Mar 15, 2010 @ 05:14:36

      Well I know ear pain can be really painful…


    2. jonsquared
      Mar 26, 2010 @ 13:54:44

      I’m on Day 10 myself. Luckily, I’ve been back at work since Tuesday but I wasted an entire weekend, blasted through two boxes of Kleenex, and watched way too many episodes of Paula Deen than prescribed. I hope you feel better soon.


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