Sonic toothbrush

I’m a big fan of the battery-operated toothbrush.  I think that it does a much better job of cleaning my teeth than a manual, non-battery-operated toothbrush.

Every year for Christmas Santa leaves in my stocking a new toothbrush, toothpaste and (usually) some Crest White Strips. Santa is big on dental hygiene in my house.  For the past few years he has left a Crest Spinbrush, a nifty little item that, at around $7, is right in my price range for above average tooth care.

As you may know, the Crest Spinbrush is no more.  As of sometime last year it was purchased by Arm & Hammer.  So, now it is the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush.  As an informed consumer I can say with some certainty that besides the logo atop the packaging, I notice very little difference between the old and the new.  Kudos to Arm & Hammer.

For whatever reason, I didn’t open my new toothbrush until today, almost a full month after Christmas.  After ripping open the ultra-thick, somewhat dangerous plastic packaging I noticed that my new toothbrush looked a little different. Why? Because, gentle readers, my new toothbrush isn’t just any ordinary battery-operated toothbrush.  It is a sonic toothbrush.

I had to laugh.  The first thing I thought of was Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver, and the argument that the Doctor got into with a guy about it: “Of all the things that you can make sonic, why a screwdriver?”  Hilarious. But you probably had to be there.

What makes a toothbrush sonic?  I’m honestly not sure.  But I can tell you one thing: this new toothbrush buzzed so hard in my mouth that I’m still seeing double.  It vibrated at a speed unattained by my previous toothbrushes.  I have no idea if it’s because of the recent Arm & Hammer acquisition or because of the sonic qualities of this apparently super toothbrush.  All I know is that my teeth feel dentist clean.

So, gentle readers, spill: what kind of toothbrush do you use, and does it live up to your standards of proper dental hygiene?


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  1. Joy
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 12:23:31

    I have a soniCare. It’s made by Phillips and I just love it. It was very expensive but so were my new teeth! So I want to take good care of them. I’ve had it for 3 years and just replace the brush part every three months. I don’t think I could ever go back to a regular toothbrush. It just wouldn’t feel the same.


  2. Tasneem R
    Feb 04, 2010 @ 05:15:02

    Well I use a NORMAL toothbrush , the manual one . Goodness I can never think of using the battery one ! Can I ask you why at all did you decided to use battery toothbrush ? Is it out of laziness or anything else ?

    Mania Mania
    Test your familiarity with common manias.


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