Mozart: Adagio in b minor, K. 540

Since acquiring the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD hookup, I’ve been kind of obsessed with transferring home movies to digital format.  I’ve taken all the home movies from my parents’ house with the intention of preserving my childhood memories on the computer and eventually YouTube.  I’ve even taken to raiding my friends’ houses for their home movies.  I may be going a bit overboard.

Among the videos I unearthed was my senior piano recital from college, almost seven years ago.  While I’m the first to admit that it was not one of my best overall performances (read: there were several very noticeable mistakes), I did manage to pull a couple flawless gems from the relative muck.  One of those is Mozart’s Adagio in b minor, K. 540.

While not the most technically difficult piece I’ve ever played, the emotional investment in this piece was great.  There is a melancholy longing that is felt through almost painfully exquisite exposed simplicity.

Incidentally, I was incredibly fortunate to have the honor of being coached on this piece during a master class earlier in the year by the legendary Richard Goode, who is well known for his interpretation of Beethoven.  While everyone else in my studio was prepared with a Beethoven sonata, Mr. Goode seemed delighted at the opportunity to work with me on the Mozart.  Definitely one of the highlights of my musical career.

Please excuse the quality of the video; it was transferred from a quickly deteriorating VHS tape, and the person running the camera (which was supposedly set up on a tripod) didn’t have the steadiest hand at times.  That said, I’m impressed that the sound quality is as good as it is.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Gary
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 21:49:27

    Wow Megan! That was BEAUTIFUL! You are VERY VERY talented. 😀


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