On The Road, Day 6: Flying Whilst Flaky

Have you ever been so physically exhausted that you feel like you’re moving in slow motion?

That’s me right now.  Every last ounce of energy left in my body is being used to move my fingers over the keyboard of my laptop and to keep my eyes from slamming shut.

Insomnia struck last night, at one of the worst possible times.  You see, my flight back to Philadelphia left at 6:00am, meaning that in order to get to the airport the recommended sixty minutes beforehand, we had to leave at 3:30am.  So, once 12:45am rolled around, I realized that it would be useless to try to squeeze in one measly hour of sleep, so I got up and played on the internet.

I managed to snooze for a short while on the plane, but it wasn’t nearly enough to make up for the total lack of sleep last night.  By the time I met my mom in baggage claim, I was a little flaky.

Check this out: My first flight, from Columbus to Cleveland, was overbooked. I volunteered to be moved to a different flight on a different airline.  Because this new flight was direct, I landed in Philadelphia a full hour before I had originally planned.  The seats on this airline were also much more comfortable than on the other airline I had used to get out to Ohio.  Oh, and I was given a voucher for $200 from the airline for my troubles.  Score!

And so, gentle and few readers, although it is still early, I am turning in now, because once again, I have a plane to catch tomorrow morning.  This time I am off to Atlanta for a conference.  And once again, unfortunately, I have a layover…this time in Chicago.  What the hell?  It is a two-hour flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta.  And the stinking layover is close to three hours. Seriously, what the hell?  I have no clue why I even have to stop in Chicago at all.  It is totally not on the way.  I suppose that’s what I get for using my dad’s frequent flyer miles to get a free flight.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. wanderingjustin
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 00:04:58

    The whole hub and spoke system is pretty bizarre … not to mention outmoded. Flying east to go west and all that jazz just makes no sense. Boeing has actually positioned the 787 as one means of breaking up that system.

    By the way, I’m here because you left a comment awhile ago about my snotty barista post at my Wordwhacker Blogspot site. I never got a comment notification, so I never realized you’d said anything – I like to respond to everyone. Sorry you got overlooked!


  2. nat @ book, line, and sinker
    Mar 28, 2009 @ 10:00:25

    you’re a NUT to fly so much. i’m too eh-scared to get on a stupid plane next friday to zip down to see my parentals. i’m going to drive instead. 🙂 i could fly out of atlantic city and into tampa or ft. myers in like 2 or 3 hours…but i just CANNOT bring myself to board the scare-plane. you’re so brave! my hero.


    • megan
      Mar 28, 2009 @ 16:52:44

      I hate to fly, too. But in this case, it was kind of necessary due to time restraints. So, I figure I’ll get all my flying for the next few years out of the way during these two weeks.


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