On The Road, Day 4: If The Shoe Fits…

Although I have several pairs of extremely cute dress shoes, I always seem to default to wearing sneakers.  Sneakers are the only shoes I can wear for hours every day, day after day, weeks, months, even years on end.  They always support my feet, and I am confident that they would not hinder my flight if I were being chased by zombies.

I don’t buy new sneakers often.  For one thing, new sneakers are entirely too expensive, so I wait until a sale brings them down to a reasonable price. But, cost aside, I also like how my foot gets to know a sneaker.  The shoe is like an old friend, comforting and comfortable to be around.  I generally wear my sneakers until the tread has completely worn away and the canvas is threadbare.  This takes quite a long while.  I purchased the sneakers I currently own in 2005.  I don’t remember when I bought the previous pair.

It is a treat to buy new sneakers, but I only do so when it is absolutely necessary.  I love the smell of the new shoe, and the strangely supportive feel of the insole that reminds me that my old sneakers were worn too thin. When I was a kid, if I was lucky, my mom would let me wear my new sneakers home from the store, carrying my old pair in the new box.  But we always kept the old pair, just in case.  That’s why I was so surprised to find a perfectly good set of used sneakers lying in a new sneaker box in the parking lot of a mall outside Columbus.

abandoned sneakers

Someone had obviously bought a new pair of Champion sneakers, put them on in the car, placed the old pair in the new box and abandoned them to some unknown fate.  They weren’t just thrown out; they were carefully placed in a box and set gently next to a lamppost where no one could run them over.

I find two things wrong with this:

  1. Whenever I bought new sneakers, I never threw out the old pair.  It’s always good to have a spare pair of sneakers lying around for those occasions when you know you’ll be traipsing through particularly muddy terrain, or painting a house.
  2. If this person really didn’t want their old pair of shoes, he or she could have donated them to someone who needs them.  After a brief inspection, we found that there was nothing particularly wrong with the old shoes, no poo or anything smeared inside or out.

Who leaves a perfectly good pair of shoes lying in the middle of a parking lot?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nat @ book, line, and sinker
    Mar 25, 2009 @ 22:24:44

    so THAT’s where my hub’s sneakers got to. we’ve been looking for them for days. columbus, huh? lol.


    • megan
      Mar 26, 2009 @ 06:53:27

      Haha…actually, they were lady’s kicks. So unless your hubby has some sort of thing for women’s sneakers, I kind of doubt they were his. 🙂


  2. Joy
    Mar 26, 2009 @ 12:09:50

    I’m just like you in the fact that I never throw away the old pair. I throw out the 3rd oldest pair but I always keep that old pair in case of rain or mud when I don’t want the new ones to get dirty yet. I’ll bet for the first two months or so, I don’t even wear my new pair outside.

    I can’t think of a good reason that those people left them there like that. Maybe the set them there and forgot them or thought someone would see them and need them and take them home. Who the heck knows what people think??? Or don’t think as the case may be.


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