The Giant Man of Snow

Once upon a time, in the Great Land of Delaware, a magical Substance used to fall from the High-Up Sky, known as Snow.  In the cold, long, dark Winter Months, one would often see Snow fall from the High-Up Sky and cover the Land in a blanket of white.  Young Children would spend their Afternoons playing in the Snow, Building Forts and Throwing Snowballs.  Tall Adults would spend their time Shoveling the Snow from walkways and Driving Carefully.  It was a Happy Time.

However, this all happened a Long Time Ago.  Today, although Snow often begins to fall from the High-Up Sky during the Winter Months, it is usually met by Unseasonably Warm Weather between the High-Up Sky and the Land.  The Snow is then magically transformed to Rain.  The Land is rarely covered with White Snow anymore.  One is much more likely to see Rain fall from the High-Up Sky instead, which makes the Land become Wet and Squishy and Not Much Fun to play in.

But this story is not about Rain that makes the Land Wet and Squishy.  This story is about a Young Girl who lived in the Great Land of Delaware a Long Time Ago, who spent a magical Day in a Snow-covered Land.

One brisk, cold, but sunny day during the Winter Months, the Young Girl awoke Very Early in the Morning to find that a great deal of Snow had fallen from the High-Up Sky the night before.  The entire Land had been transformed into a silent, white Playground.  Because the Day happened to be a Saturday, the Young Girl did not have to attend School, and she could spend the entire Day playing in the newly-fallen Snow.  Jumping up and down, she could not contain her Excitement.

The Young Girl’s Guardians, the Tall Mother and Tall Father, bundled her up snugly so that she would remain Warm while playing in the Snow.

“What will you do today in the fresh Snow?” asked the Tall Mother.

“Today I will go down to the flat part of our family’s Land and make a Man out of Snow,” replied the Young Girl.

“That is a very Good Idea,” said the Tall Father.  “The Snow that fell last Night is perfect for making Men out of Snow, not Too Wet, and not Too Dry.  I think I will join you.”  And so the Tall Father bundled up as well, because even Tall Adults need to stay Warm in the Winter Months.

And so, the Young Girl and the Tall Father trekked out onto the Land until they found a Suitable Place to build a Man out of Snow.

The Young Girl asked, “Can we make our Man of Snow very big?”

“Of course.  How big would you like your Man of Snow to be?” asked the Tall Father.

The Young Girl thought carefully for a moment.  Then, her Face broke into a Large Grin.  “Can we make it taller than You?”

The Tall Father smiled broadly.  “I think we can manage that.”


And so, the Young Girl and the Tall Father went to work building their Man of Snow.  They began by rolling a Ball of Snow so large that both the Young Girl and the Tall Father had to push with all of their Strength to move it.  This Big Ball of Snow became the base of the Man of Snow.

The Medium Ball of Snow was not as large as the Big Ball of Snow, but it was still too large for the Young Girl to make on her own.  This was then placed on top of the Big Ball of Snow.

With a sense of Great Pride, the Young Girl was able to roll the Small Ball of Snow all by herself.  The Tall Father then lifted up the Small Ball of Snow and balanced it on top of the Medium Ball of Snow, which was balanced on top of the Big Ball of Snow.  A good sense of Balance is Very Important when building a Man of Snow.

“Is this tall enough?” asked the Tall Father.

The Young Girl looked at the work they had done so far.  “Yes,” she replied.  “I think our Man of Snow is quite tall enough.  But now he needs a face.”

“So he does,” said the Tall Father.  And so they set off in search of a Suitable Branch with which to make a mouth, and Chunks of Wood with which to make eyes.  After a Short While, their search was over, and the Suitable Branch and the Chunks of Wood were placed upon the Man of Snow’s face.

Just then, the Tall Mother emerged from the House.  She carried in her Gloved Hands an Orange Carrot.

“I saw your Man of Snow from the House through a Window.  It certainly is a large Man of Snow!  Here,” she said, “I brought you an Orange Carrot to use for his nose.”

The Tall Father then reached up and pressed the Orange Carrot into the Man of Snow’s face.  Then the Young Girl, the Tall Mother and the Tall Father stood back to admire their Handiwork.  So did the Neighbors, who remarked that it was quite a giant Man of Snow.

Indeed, this Man of Snow was the largest that the Neighborhood had ever laid eyes upon, so he was dubbed the Giant Man of Snow.  And the Young Girl was Proud to know that the Giant Man of Snow lived in her Land.


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  1. Mike
    Dec 21, 2008 @ 23:06:56

    Nice story!


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