NaNoWriMo Day 30: Not gonna happen

With only about twelve and a half hours left in NaNoWriMo ’08, and only just over 31,000 words written, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not going to finish this year.  I am a little disappointed, since a couple weeks ago I honestly thought I might have a shot at it.  Unfortunately, I had to prioritize this month, and I just couldn’t put my novel ahead of some other things I had to do.  Also, for the first time, I feel like my age (which is not yet that far advanced) is beginning to catch up with me.  I can no longer pull all-nighters by surviving on sugar and caffeine the way I could in college.  Well, I could, but my brain wouldn’t function well enough to produce anything coherent, so the effort would be moot.

That said, however, there are a few things about this year’s NaNoWriMo with which I am extremely happy:

  • I got much farther into my novel this year than I did the last time I attempted NaNoWriMo; last time I didn’t even make it halfway.
  • I do feel like there were a few writing sessions this month in which I truly kicked my inner editor in the head and got a ton written, something I usually have a terrible time doing.
  • I was much better prepared this year than I was last time around, so now I know what I need to do to prepare for next year.
  • I feel like I had a really good story this year.  So good, in fact, that I plan to actually finish writing it at my own, unhurried pace.

I am sorry that I didn’t get the nifty little badge to post on the sidebar of this page, but I have a little more pride and honesty than resorting to major cheating in order to get it.  That would defeat the spirit of the whole challenge.

(On a side note, I noticed while perusing the forums on NaNoWriMo’s site that there were several people who reached 50,000 words by the fourth day.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem physically possible to me.  Surely, these people must have written their novels beforehand.  That’s a level of cheating to which I am not yet willing to sink, thank you very much.)

But I’m not sorry that I did NaNoWriMo this year.  This past month I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself and the writing process.  It was a good feeling to write again.  Perhaps, if I’m lucky, I’ll maintain my resolve and keep it up.  Here’s hoping…


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thejinx
    Nov 30, 2008 @ 14:42:39

    You still managed something most people never do, and 30,000 words in one month is nothing to sneeze at. It’s especially satisfying when one can get some writing they really like out of it. Congratulations on the progress you did make and good luck with your future writing pursuits.

    Thank you for those encouraging words – somehow, I don’t feel so bad about not finishing now.


  2. bloggingexperiments
    Nov 30, 2008 @ 21:41:59

    Congrats on your NaNo efforts! You got words written and that’s the main goal. I myself was a NaNo rebel this year. Instead of writing a novel, I was revising the one I had already completed. I accomplished my goal and it feels great!

    Ooooh, you rebel rouser, you!


  3. writemeg
    Dec 01, 2008 @ 10:03:59

    You should feel very proud of everything you did accomplish! It’s never too early to start planning for next year. 🙂

    Skimming back over what I just wrote, I’m realizing it’s going to take some SERIOUS editing to make it through this monster. But I accomplished the goal I’d set: to finish a book in less than 30 days. I didn’t tell myself my book had to be any good. 🙂 It was just good for me to sit down (mostly) every day and write. That discipline is something I’m often lacking.

    Thanks for the kind words!
    You’ll do fine with the editing of your novel. I seem to have the opposite problem: although I know I need to just write, there’s still that evil, nagging gnome in the back of my head that wants what I write to be of some quality, which often prevents me from writing at all.


  4. marmiteandtea
    Dec 01, 2008 @ 15:20:04

    Congratulations on getting so far with a story you are proud of! Four days seems a little quick to me too the post I wrote in a day was 4300 and that was working all day with frequent breaks!
    Thanks for stopping by – grits and Marmite are the best 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by, yourself!
    By the fourth day, I only had about 4,000 words. But at least I have my pride.
    Marmite rocks.


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