NaNoWriMo Day 18: Unexpected plot twists

I did get some writing in last night, but I literally pushed myself to the point of exhaustion, both physically and mentally.  I actually fell asleep sitting up at the desk.  It was a shame, because in my exhausted state, I was feeling quite brilliant and came up with a few more ideas about how to develop the upcoming scenes, but I unfortunately was too tired to remember to write them down.

I realize that the point of this exercise is to dump everything in your mind onto paper, and not to use pre-written material from yourself or anyone else.  However, I don’t think that using one’s own previously written materials in a way that is not just cutting and pasting is cheating.  At least, it’s no more cheating than using song lyrics.  Anyway, sometimes getting an easy boost in the total word count gives me the motivation to keep writing on my own.

I had been developing the other, not so main character, but realized last night that the true main character, about whom the story is supposed to be about, is rather shallow, and needed some depth injected into him.  With that in mind, I delved into this very blog for inspiration to help develop my main character’s personality.  What easier way to do that than to make him as afraid of spiders as I am?  So, I took material from the very first post I ever made and adapted it into my story.  I thought it fitting, since my main character is a military man, and I felt rather militant and strategic when writing it.

Again, I don’t feel as if I was cheating when I made the choice to adapt my own blog materials, since I did more than cut and paste.  Besides, introducing spiders onto a space ship that was supposed to be completely clean and critter-free at the launch opens up a whole new possibility of plot twists that I had previously not thought of.  So, you see, it was a rather smart move, if I do say so myself.


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