NaNoWriMo Day 7: Eye strain and dictation devices

There are a lot of times when my brain is all set to think about my novel, but physically I am not capable of typing out my thoughts.  Like, when I’m driving.  I drive a lot, and that is often when I work out some of my best ideas.  But if I didn’t get in an accident first, surely I would be arrested for keeping an open laptop in the passenger seat, leaning over to type with one hand and constantly switching my attention between it and the road.

What I really need is a hands-free dictation device.  Not just an ordinary tape recorder, although I do have one of those.  Using a tape recorder means that I would have to spend just as much time listening to my voice and then manually typing out a transcript of all I said.  That isn’t efficient enough.  I need some sort of device that would automatically dictate my words into print so that I can just cut and paste into my novel when I get home.  If I had one of those devices to use on the road, imagine how much I could get done.  I would be finished before Thanksgiving!

On a more practical note, it takes a couple hours to write a couple thousand words.  As a result, everywhere I look now I see computer screens.  Ominous, glowing monitors peeking out only to me from picture frames and mirrors.  My eyes are straining out of my head.  I will be surprised if I don’t need glasses by the time this is over.  Maybe I’ll run over to Target and pick myself up a pair of granny readers to use for the duration of this project.


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  1. tahlia
    Nov 09, 2008 @ 03:12:43

    They sell recording devices that once you plug into your computer outputs as a word doc. Look online, they are out there! I almost bought one for class a while ago.

    Good luck!

    Thanks for the tip – I’ll look into that.


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