Counting down

The cool weather has brought a feeling of change.  The children are getting used to their school schedules.  The leaves are beginning to brighten with hues of red and yellow.  The orchards no longer offer frozen apple cider slushes, but have replaced them with piping hot cider.  Halloween is swiftly approaching, and with that, the start of National Novel Writing Month.

Only twenty-seven days remain until the beginning of the challenge, and I am already beginning to feel the heat.  My fears of outside activities interfering with my planning and writing were not completely unfounded; my state’s music teacher association’s annual conference is just around the corner, and the seemingly endless minutiae of editing both the conference brochure and the yearbook is starting to take its toll.

There are a few bright rays of hope that shine from the depths of the gloomy previous paragraph, though.  The brochure and the yearbook will all go to print in the next few weeks, leaving me with the simple task of preparing packets for each registered attendee, a task that proved last year to be much less stressful than I had anticipated.  The knowledge of this, combined with the fact that I have already started working on a rough outline of my novel, has given me some confidence that I won’t start NaNoWriMo in a state of complete chaos.

As for the actual challenge, I have begun to work out a writing schedule that will hopefully allow me to complete at least 2,000 words per day.  That goal has me a bit worried, since it is about five times more than what I have written here in this post, but 2,000 words a day allows for five days of not writing, a “freebie” of sorts that will most likely be saved for Thanksgiving.  With a temporarily absent boyfriend, my weekends and nights are free to write with abandon.  The conference itself will actually give me a good opportunity to write, as there are only short spurts of frantic activity and abundant down time.

The geek in me is almost more excited about the word count widget I will eventually post to the sidebar of this blog than about the challenge itself.  Once November rolls around, be sure to check my word count, and if it’s not up to snuff, be sure to give me a good talking to.  As I said before, the looming possibility of embarrassment just may be the motivation I need to finish this thing once and for all.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. chadhend
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 11:49:38

    I’ve been thinking of doing this, too 🙂 Have you done it before?


  2. megan
    Oct 09, 2008 @ 21:26:54

    Go for it! I did it once before, in 2006. I didn’t get past 10,000 words, but I’m convinced that failure was because I didn’t plan very much, and I didn’t budget my time at all. I’m definitely more prepared this year. Let me know if you sign up – I could use some writing buddies!


  3. Red
    Oct 10, 2008 @ 23:35:22

    Good luck to ya.
    Small goals seem to work with this exercise. Keeping the goals toward the top of your priority list is key.
    I didnt keep it there when I attempted this last year.


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