Roomba score

As I said in an earlier postRoomba was not only my first experiment with iMovie, but also my first experiment with GarageBand.  After figuring out the basics of how to use the program in conjunction with Mike’s keyboard, I quickly became dissatisfied with the limited and robotic sounds in its default sound bank.  Here’s where the Symphony Orchestra Jam Pack enters the scene.  I was hesitant to drop the money on orchestral sounds for my computer; as a musician who regularly plays with real live instruments, I consider myself on the picky side when it comes to this sort of thing.  The clincher came when I found that the piano sound was not just any piano, but an authentic Steinway sound.  All the reviews I read gave nothing but high praise for this piano sound, so I was sold.  It definitely makes this score infinitely more satisfying than it would have been without it.

I’ve had a couple requests to post the score of Roomba as a separate entity.  The gents at Protozoic were kind enough, once again, to host the mp3 on their server.

Click here to listen to the score to Roomba.

But don’t forget to watch the video, too.


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