Flickr blogging

I’ve recently upgraded to a Flickr Pro account after realizing that I’ve surpassed my uploading limit, especially after uploading all the photos from the 4th of July. I hadn’t planned on making this leap, since “Pro” suggests “professional,” something that I certainly wouldn’t consider myself in the field of photography. However, for $25, I suppose it’s worth it to be able to share my many photos with the three people who actually look at them.

As reluctant as I may have been, I’ve found that when I pay for a service, I tend to use it more and explore all its options and amenities. In this case, I have discovered how to blog my photos directly from Flickr to Melodic Insomniac. I love that the photo here directly links to my photostream on Flickr. But, the best part is that I don’t have to upload photos onto my WordPress account. Super!

My next project will be going back through some old posts in which photos have been duplicated, and linking them directly through Flickr.

This was a flower that grew by the front patio at Maplewood in Sutton, WV.


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