Vaseline® Intensive Rescue™ Healing Hand Cream

As a breathing American of driving age who is being socked in the gut by ever-rising gas prices, any sales I can find are a joy. That is why I initially dove for a tube of Vaseline® Intensive Rescue™ Healing Hand Cream as it sat upon its shelf unaware that a bright “SALE” sign had been placed beneath it. Normally around $3.99 for a 3.1 fl. oz. tube, which fits snugly into my purse, I practically stole it at a sale price $1.99, only $0.64 per ounce.
Price: 5 fingers.

Besides price, a major selling point of this hand cream was its claim to be “hypoallergenic & unfragranced.” Personally, I have rarely had an allergic reaction to hand creams, but it certainly sets my mind at ease to know that an unsuspecting friend would not break out in hives if my lotion was borrowed. Rather, it was the assertion of its being “unfragranced” that caught my eye. Too often my senses have been assaulted by strongly perfumed lotions that did little to moisturize and too much to stun ones nose into tricking the rest of the body into forgetting that the skin is still dry and cracked. Although this lotion is not perfumed, there is still a very present “lotion” scent, which I cannot specify any more clearly. Thankfully, this scent immediately dissipates once the lotion is applied to the skin.
Odor: 4 fingers.

Unfortunately, the consistency of this lotion leaves much to be desired. While relatively gelatinous in nature, it is far too close to a liquid for my own tastes. My personal preferences lean me towards lotions that are thicker, with a texture closer to that of cake frosting. While the more fluid consistency may make clogs in the container opening far less of a concern, that very pro has become a con: unless the tube is turned so that the opening is pointed skywards for a moment, the lotion has a tendency to spurt out unexpectedly, sometimes onto clothing, which, if not cleaned right away, may create the incorrect impression that an indecent act has been performed recently.
Consistency: 2 fingers.

The consistency of this lotion directly affects the rate of absorption into the skin, which, I am sad to say, is not quick enough for me. As one who actively uses her hands almost constantly, and upon delicate, non-porous materials, I need the rate of absorption to be almost instantaneous. While those standards may be high in this department, they are necessary. Unfortunately, a good seven minutes had passed before I felt like this lotion had been sufficiently absorbed into my skin, and even then, I wasn’t entirely convinced.
Rate of absorption: 2 fingers.

I have read other reviews of this product, and most of them claim to be satisfied with the non-greasy, non-sticky feel this lotion gives. I wish I could agree with them. Long after application, I feel like my fingers lightly stick together, as if my hands are covered with an extremely fine layer of glue. My hands do feel soft, but I fear that may be the result of a “covered” feeling, like the lotion has settled onto my skin, rather than into it. I don’t think it’s a good thing that I feel as if I should wash my hands again after applying lotion.
Post-application results: 1 finger.

While the price is definitely right, and the lack of fragrance assures me to be inoffensive to those who may work closely with me (including my own nose), the liquid-like consistency, the slow rate of absorption and sticky post-application results leave too much to be desired. I doubt that I will purchase this particular brand of lotion again in the future, even if it is on sale.
Overall rating: 3 fingers.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mike
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 13:00:41

    You never revied the orange smelling lotion…


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