Dance with me

Weddings and the following receptions serve two purposes:

First, and most obviously, they celebrate not only the union of two people who are so madly in love that they cannot bear to live without one another, but also a giant family reunion from both sides of the family.

Secondly, weddings of young lovers bring attention not to the bride and groom, but to the singletons in the room who have absolutely no desire to be paired with other singletons. Elders in these situations take no notice of objections of any reason and insist upon finding someone to dance with you.

Take my situation, for instance. I attended the wedding this evening because the family of the groom has been close to my family since I can remember; I did not go to this wedding to meet men. At the reception, once a few drinks had passed my lips, I was perfectly comfortable dancing to the beat of my own drummer, and occasionally with my father. Perfectly comfortable, that is, until my parents began to pressure me to find someone to dance with.

“Why?” I asked. “I’m doing fine on my own!”

“Because you should have a nice young man to dance with,” replied my mother, my father, and the groom’s parents.

“Do I look like I need help from a young man?” I asked, promptly displaying my dancing talent.

“Why don’t you dance with that young man, Billy,” suggested my parents. “He’s a good dancer, and very handsome!”

Despite my objections, my elders would not drop the subject. Either they felt sorry for me (although, I cannot understand why, since I was having a fabulous time on my own), or, they were embarrased by my fantastic dancing skills and felt that I should move to another part of the room and stop showing them up.

I eventually did approach Billy, who was a relative of the bride’s, and told him the truth:

“Hi, I’m a friend of Alex’s from way back. My parents really want me to dance with you. Would you mind dancing with me for one song so that they will get off my case for a bit?”

Fortunately, my tactic of honesty worked rather well, and I danced for about three minutes with a pleasant young man closer to my own age, which seemed to satisfy my parents, who dropped the subject for the rest of the evening.

Hopefully, at my own wedding, my elders will accept the man that I marry as not only a suitable life partner, but also a suitable dancing partner.


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