Welcome home, Kevin!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to a new member of my family.

Kevin Patrick Register is a four month-old long-haired Syrian hamster, commonly known as a Teddy Bear hamster. He’s wiley, energetic, and stops to pose for photos (just like his mommy).

It seems his shell-shock from the traumatic five-minute car ride from the pet store is finally wearing off. I am happy to announce that after a few hours and a nap, Kevin seems much more comfortable in his surroundings, and is now running like a maniac on the wheel. Although he won’t let me pick him up yet, he will let me pet him.

This hamster has proven to be a major hoot. It seems that Kevin is already attempting his first escape. His plan seems to involve wedging himself between the exercise wheel and the wall, thereby scooting himself to the top of the cage. When I catch him in the act, he gets flustered and runs as quickly as possible to the food dish, pretending that he has been eating the whole time, and I must have been imagining things.


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