Last week, the father of one of my students sat in on his daughter’s lesson. After the lesson he shook my hand, told me the obvious truth that I am a fabulous teacher, and thanked me under his breath for tolerating his overly hyperactive daughter. He then turned to her and said, “We should bring Miss Megan a cake.” She nodded furiously, and jumped up and down in agreement. Turning to me, he asked, “Do you like cake?”

Now, that’s one of the silliest questions ever to pass by my ears. I smiled, blushing, admitting that cake is, in fact, one of my vises. Mr A. threw up his hands and declared, “Then next week you’re getting a cake!” As I watched them walking down the hall to the exit, I figured one of two things would happen. Either they would forget, or it would be a small piece of a funky cake-like substance.

However, when they returned this afternoon, I was informed that I had a choice of cake: Carrot, Dark Side of the Moon, or Chocolate Cheesecake. Confused, I asked about this “Dark Side of the Moon,” of which I had never before heard. Mr A. explained that it is a chocolate cake soaked in Kahlúa, frosted with a dark chocolate ganache. My curiosity was piqued, so I opted for the Dark Side of the Moon. Mr A. informed me that the cake was in the car, and would return at the end of the lesson. With that, he swept out of the room and his daughter’s lesson began.

At the end of the young lady’s lesson, he returned with a large box in his arms. Shocked, I peeked inside and beheld a cake the size of a small television, complete with perfectly even ganache frosting, and wafer-thin chocolate pieces in the shape of a moon adorning the top of each individual ready-to-cut slices.  The aroma wafting from the box was so heavenly that I could hardly restrain myself from diving in face-first.

It turns out that Mr A. is an accomplished pastry chef. Apparently, once he decides he likes someone, he regularly presents him or her with various baked goods. I have never before had such a gift bestowed upon me. The closest I had ever come was a cup of half-melted ice cream from a student who was running late for a lesson due to a long line at the local popular ice cream dive.

In an amazing stroke of luck, my next student called out sick, so I had the next 45 minutes to sample this culinary masterpiece. Normally, chocolate cake isn’t my cake of choice, as it usually is too rich and too dry. This cake, however, probably due to the soaking in coffee-flavored liquer, was incredibly moist and flavorful. It is probably the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted.

I am a lucky, lucky girl.


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