Boys are silly

During our latest trip to the mall for a romantic dinner at the local Friendly’s, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a gaggle of slightly prepubescent boys mingling in the entrance to Victoria’s Secret. I’m fairly certain that their mothers were shopping inside the store, as they seemed to be just a tad bit too young to be interested in women’s undergarments the way a teenaged boy would be. However, they were old enough to know that their mothers were in a very girly store, so they ventured only three feet inside, ready to bolt into the hallway the minute they were given the okay.

The boys were giggling a little too loudly, which aroused my suspicions that mischief was afoot. They were also looking at something just inside the store, so I followed their gazes.

Naturally, there were three mannequins posed provocatively in the entrance of the store, dressed only in lacy lingerie. Unnaturally, something was attached to the right breast of the center mannequin. That something was the hand of one of the boys, who was giggling just as furiously as (if not more than) his companions. He wasn’t fondling the mannequin; I believe his friends simply dared him to touch a representation of the female form in a forbidden place.

I’m really quite surprised that a store clerk didn’t chastise them, as the clerks in Vicky’s are particularly watchful about that sort of behavior. But that brave little kid had his hand on that plastic boob for the entire duration of our slow stroll past the store. Kudos to him.


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